Broken mind

I think today: “coffee is for rich”! The prices are unbelievable! Some are for 300PLN but I think they are for the coffee capsules…

I am a big fan of homemade white coffee and I drink at least five cups daily. This mug are 330 ml – OMG!

I intend to learn English Monday to Thursday for four hours and to read a book for three to five hours a day. 90% plus probability an ebook.

And from Friday to Sunday for three to six hours a book and one hour to study English.

I normally listen to YouTube vlogs and Storytel audio books and a WWW English lesson and read Christmas Carol on my ebook.

I love books and I want to read more and more and exercise to read fast. During this year, I read and listen, perhaps 102 books and I am very happy!

On this blog, I plan on practicing writing in English. With this, help me a Chrome plugin that improves the grammar.

I just can’t afford video classes. Truly, I am not rich and I have no job, my health does not allow me to do it.

I can just say I can last an hour with a computer – these are the technologies of light screens, led etc. Those mental effort…

When I spend my time on the computer, I suffer from psychological pain. I have called in a fanciful way “dragon lick” that leads to “pre-pre” and “pre-alpha” and finally to “death brain” also named “full moon” at its peak.

Which is why I meditate or do Jacobson’s progressive workout every day. I only use the computer twice a week for up to two hours, and that’s always too much for me.

And I purchase this plugin for grammar and perhaps I test a daily Blog for these thirty days.

Now, let me tell you that my reading speed is now 100 words per minute or slightly higher. I dream of bringing it to 1000 and I want to read 3 books per day – dream max!

I want to be able to do that for two, three years after learning English.

A box of rum to die! Ahoy!

Ps. I never drink alcohol – it hurts a brain.






One response to “Broken mind”

  1. Ron Swanson Avatar
    Ron Swanson

    To sporo tej kawy, zakładając, że przez cup miałeś na myśli mug, kubek. Też jestem smakoszem kawy. Nie doprecyzowałeś tylko jakiej metody używasz, domyślam się, że przelewowej. To istotne, bo 1 cup kawy dajmy na to z kawiarki to około 60ml, espresso 30 mln, a przelewowe 6g kawy na 100mln. Jak widzisz, różna objętość, konsystencja i moc. 🙂 Osobiście preferuję alternatywne w postaci drippera. Pozdrówki

    Liked by 1 person

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