How to read 100+ books a year with a brain disease (mental illness). 26 tips, “how to read more?”.

It’s August and I’ve already finished 102 books and maybe I’ll even hit 140+ this year. Yes, I have a mental illness. How did I do it?

I started reading 10 pages a day, I will say it was a constant struggle. Whether I like it or not, I had to read that terrible number of ten pages a day.

Anyway, it all started with the fear about the disease and reading “That Sugar” by Damon Gameau. That book changes my life!

Thanks to this book, I lost more than 40 kg and I do not have diabetes like some people wished me… Fuckers!

You may not know this, but ten pages a day makes twelve books a year. I started with 10 pages and finished in the next year with a minimum of 40+ pages a day.

I think I read 57 books and I felt so happy! It was 2019.

I decided to ask questions of people who read over 100 books a year on their techniques. This is where I found out about the audio books. I listened for 4-5 months for 8 hours daily until I suffered.

I finished the year with 141 completed books. I had enough of the audiobooks for another year. The year 2021 is 83 completed books.

And this year I completed 102 titles in 08.08.2022 and there are nearly four months left before the end of the year. I read e-books, I listen to audiobooks, and I read a paper.

I do not read one book at a time, but I have a dozen and I continue the most nice for me.

Currently, my average is 2 hours to read, and thus between 1 and 4 hours of audiobook per day.

I know I have a current limit of around 150 titles per year. To beat it, I would have to raise the speed of reading texts.

In general, I dream of reading 1000 words per minute and spending at least 4 hours a day reading. It would be great to read a thousand books a year.

Let’s summarize:

  • Be systematic, read everyday
  • Read e-books, paper books and listen audiobooks
  • Read at your favorite times of the day
  • Read when you feel you want to
  • Read more than 1.5 hours a day
  • Listen to audiobooks on average 2-4 hours a day
  • Read more in one day and less in others
  • Read more than one book
  • When one gets bored, move on to another
  • Take care of sports, relaxation, nutrition and hydration
  • Put down your cell phone, don’t watch movies or play games
  • Surround yourself with books – buy many books
  • Throw the TV out of the room
  • Have silence and good lighting
  • Increase your reading speed
  • Make one day a week without audiobooks or just 30 minutes
  • Read books that interest you
  • Read in the company
  • Read in your favorite body position
  • Read in your free time – catch the moments
  • Sometimes rest if you can’t read
  • Watch BookTube
  • Subscribe to GoodReads
  • Have book friends
  • Take a subscription to unlimited books (e-books/audiobooks)
  • Use the public library


2 responses to “How to read 100+ books a year with a brain disease (mental illness). 26 tips, “how to read more?”.”

  1. Ron Swanson Avatar
    Ron Swanson

    Czytać ponad 1,5h dziennie, da się zrobić, ale każdego dnia, tego już się zrobić nie da zrobić, bo jak zwykle na drodze stanie życie. 😉
    ‘Listen to audiobooks on average 2-4 hours a day’ – audiobooki niestety do mnie nie przemawiają, jak książka to tylko papier, ewentualnie czytnik gdy coś jest trudno dostępne w papierze.
    ‘Throw the TV out of the room’ wykluczone, weekend, wtorek i środę(LM), w tygodniu trzeba pięć meczów przyjąć, PASJA. 🙂


    1. Black Beard Avatar
      Black Beard

      Średnia mam prawie chyba 3godziny z przeciągu 7dni. Czytają i to więcej nawet 8 godzin dziennie;-)


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