What’s my dream job?

What’s your dream job?

Previously, I thought about becoming a WebDeveloper, then a programmer, and now a graphic designer. In total, I would like to draw nicely and earn money from it while having a second “job” as an investor of my own earned money. I still think about WebDev (JS/HTML/CSS/Bootstrap) because there are good earnings in this industry.

I also would like to be a Blogger (and I am) but earn well from it… Once I dreamed of becoming a doctor, a scientist. I had an idea of becoming a dietitian. I thought at the age of 23 to become a translator or to know the English language very well.

Now I would like to know a few languages but first master this English. I would also like to be a creator who uses A.I., working with it – and I am in part. So many things I would like to know and do… I would like to promote books and read them passionately.

But the disease has consumed 3/4 of my life and now I am trying to make up for lost time! Schizophrenia, depression, ADHD, phobias, etc.

But I think I’ll go either in the direction of my beloved graphics or in the direction of well-paid website creation? Unless A.I. co-worker – I don’t know what this job is called…

Nevertheless, writing and creating (text/graphics) are my favorite activities. And also helping other people.





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