Audio test – my voice, heh and 1 million

According to data from 2020, there were over 600 million blogs. On Instagram, there were 7 million influencers in 2019. And according to data from 2020, there were One million podcasts. The path from blogger to podcaster can be profitable but is more difficult than being a blogger, though not 100 times as difficult.

For me, recording audio in general is a nightmare, and in English it’s out of this world! I only began learning to speak/pronounce in English today – and the audio was read from a mini “script”. It is terrible – I know.

According to data from 2020, there were 2 million active YouTubers worldwide. So, my friend Paweł had a good idea to become a YouTube star, as it is a promising market!

Let’s say that there are 7 billion people, so there is one YouTuber for every 3500 viewers.

OK, the number is highly exaggerated because a 3-year-old probably doesn’t watch YouTube and neither does an elderly person who is not tech-savvy, and we must exclude a large part of the poor regions of the world – but do you understand what I mean?

And an average viewer subscribes to about 100 YouTube channels (I know this from personal experience). So, you can easily get around 350000 followers and 30-50k views per video, with a good content – hmm, that’s not bad at all.

Going back to reality, 1.5 billion people worldwide speak English and there are the most YouTube channels, podcasts, blogs, and Instagram influencers in this language. The question is, how many people are still learning English? According to data – a lot!

Maybe the majority of the world.


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